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As Part Of Its Attempts To Boost The Local Economy, Brac Has Established A Regional Jobs Portal To Help People Find Work In The Region

Using a new website developed by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce, jobseekers and employers in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area can now connect (BRAC).

Jobs in the Capital Region are now available on the new BR Works job portal, which takes advantage of current technology to extract essential information from job seekers’ resumes in order to better connect the right organization with the right prospective employees. It is a collaboration between the Capital Region Economic Development Corporation and the City of Ottawa known as BR Works.

“BR Works,” which will be released in the coming months, will be the most comprehensive job portal in the Capital Region, according to Andrew Fitzgerald, BRAC Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence.

According to Adam Knapp, president and CEO of BRAC, “With thousands of open positions and a workforce that has been identified as a major concern of companies, we are pleased to present a unique talent solution for the Baton Rouge Area.” A dedicated jobs website is available for the Baton Rouge Area. It includes a unique feature that allows you to filter the results of job searches depending on your own résumé and qualifications. A jobs website that was easy to use, contained only local work opportunities, and had the intelligence to match a person’s actual talents to the current positions would be ideal, but that wasn’t always achievable due to technical limitations. This is all accomplished by BR Works, as well as other things.”

Individuals looking for work can use the website to upload their resumes, complete a skills assessment questionnaire, and search for openings in their local region.

According to Fitzgerald, we are experiencing such a severe labor shortage that if we can increase the number of people who are motivated to apply and apply for positions that they are the best fit for, that would be fantastic because it would reduce the amount of time spent on human resources and the recruiting process.

Employment possibilities from more than 20 different human resource systems are listed on the website, which also includes jobs in the local area from the Los Angeles Works program.

Because there is such a severe labor shortage in the United States right now, according to Fitzgerald, it is extremely beneficial if we can get people applying for jobs and applying for jobs that they are the best fit for. This is beneficial because it reduces the amount of time spent on HR and the hiring process, and these companies are in desperate need of people returning to the workforce.

Currently, the project is proving to be effective in a number of areas. According to the company, hundreds of users flocked to the site within the first few hours of it being open to take a look around and conduct research before leaving. The positions currently available in the Baton Rouge area can be found on this page, which you can access by visiting the link provided.

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